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STEGO Enclosure Thermostats
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Mechanical Thermostat

Product name : Mechanical Thermostat

Item : FZK 011

Details :
  • Adjustable temperature
  • High switching capacity
  • Small hysteresis
  • Terminals easily accessible
  • Clip fixing
  • Change-over contact
The mechanical thermostat is used for controlling heating and cooling equipment, filter fans or signal devices. The thermostat registers the surrounding air and can switch both inductive and resistive loads via snap-action contact.
Technical Data
Switch temperature difference
4K (± 1.5K tolerance)*
Sensor element
thermostatic bimetal
Contact type
change-over snap-action contact
Contact resistance
< 10mOhm
Service life
> 100 000 cycles
Max. switching capacity, NC
250VAC, 10 (4) A
DC 30W
Max. switching capacity, NO
250VAC, 5 (2) A
DC 30W
acc. to EN 55014-1-2, EN 61000-3-2, EN 61000-3-3
4-pole terminal, clamping torque 0.5Nm max.: rigid wire 2.5mm², stranded wire (with wire end ferrule) 1.5mm²
clip for 35mm DIN rail, EN50022
plastic according to UL94 V-0, light grey
67 x 50 x 38mm approx. 0.10kg
Fitting position
Operating/Storage temperature
-20 to +80°C (-4 to +176°F) / -45 to +80°C (-49 to +176°F)
Protection type
*Connecting terminal "N" (RF heating resistor) causes the thermal feedback to work and so reduces the switch temperature difference to approx. 0.5K.

Art. No.
Operating voltage*
Setting range
+5 to +60°C
-20 to +30°C
Example of Connection

Dimensioned Drawing


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